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June 25th 6:30 pm @ TLC Family Church, in Lakeland FloridaWell it’s here, and I’m in the midst of preparing for this Live Recording. Wow is this ever a major undertaking and although the stress of the financial load, the choir, the logistics are in the forefront. My heart is pleading more for the tangible presence of God.

I don’t know fully where most stand today; but I need God like never before and although life right now is a bit stressful there is so much joy and peace just being with my Heavenly Father.

I love God. I want to please God. And I want God to be lifted up and exalted during this recording. I’m going to sing my heart out JUST FOR HIM.

I sit and wonder, what is it like just to sing in heaven? What does the worship look like with the angels and the cherubims. What melodious sounds are heard and what makes God’s heart smile.

I’m going to find out for sure one day as for now on this side…….. I’m in pursuit!

Gotta go inward, right now!

In the meantime, hope to see you there for the great event..

TLC Family Church * Lakeland, Fl 

 863 588 2785