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Recently I had a bad experience with a minister talking about Whitney’s death and after life….openly from the pulpit. It wasn’t a point made and kept it moving with the message.. But he labored on details, jokes made, judgements, with much laughing and jeering. I’m sorry it’s still in my head and I am disturbed. Despite it all she was a soul, a child, mother, friend etc… To someone. I kept thinking what if someone else in here is struggling with addiction and the minister is making jokes about her lifestyle and death.

Church should be uplifting, encouraging, and fulfilling to a certain point. I’m Not saying people pleasing but people changing. I’ve been grieved and deeply hurt every since that experience.

As leaders we should be discerning, careful, cautious and sensitive to what comes out of our mouth. (especially publically )

Had I been the ONLY one affected I would think I’m just being overly sensitive…. However I wasn’t and its a lesson learned for me to try my very BEST to be a helper and not hinder another person in their faith journey. Everything may not be expedient to shoot off so blatantly….rather truth or not… But we must use WISDOM in sensitive areas particularly in our post modern world and system. We are trying to WIN the lost, heal the wounded, mend the broken, etc…..not beat them up for sins of their soul.

Folks we gotta be careful….. Especially when we stand in places of leadership one wrong move, word, action or thing could cost a life to be wounded and hurt ALL OVER AGAIN….

I’m praying for all God’s ambassadors.

All Through Gewanda’s Eyes