November made 5 years Granny left and went to her eternal home. It’s true with time it’s gets easier but the sense of loss is evident in daily living. No stream of tears right now as I recollect on her life. That’s a good thing.

Yesterday I cooked breakfast in a timely manner and said… “Wish my Granny was here, she’d be real proud of me”

Over the holiday, I baked two cakes….
One fell…. The other very tasty but hard a bit…. None the less it would have been great to let Granny taste a bite.

I’m living on the cuff of REAL life changes and transition and oh how I wish I could just go to Granny’s bed and talk to her all night like we used to.

It’s 3 am and I am awake because I had the most vivid dream of my granny. We were able to talk and she hugged me. All I could say is “Oh how I miss you Granny, she said she knew. ”

* Now a tear falls!

Thank you Lord for a quick visit with my Granny through my dream. It made me smile.

I didn’t want to wake from that dream…but I did somehow and the reality faces me.

It was just a dream, she’s gone but lives very present in my heart!

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  • Shannon Posted January 5, 2013 8:41 am

    Gewanda, thanks for sharing your dream. I miss Granny also <3

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