Well I’m relaxing/writing ALL week. I need these days to sit and refresh myself. The man is doing his world and I’m just here tagging alone for the ride. I’m trying to strike a deal with him to let me visit the hotel masseuse…….since I’m by myself… I...... Read more

Quality or Quantity ???

This morning,  my husband and I did our couple’s devotion.  It was a tight moment, not as long as we have studied together before. His schedule and mine didn’t connect with the precision of having more quantity and a whole lot of discussion.  After our scripture selection together, a...... Read more


Time alone is essential.   Time alone with God is an absolute necessary vital part of my existence. The more I have the more I realize I need to be swept into a cloud surrounded by only the Holy Divine’s presence. NOTHING on this earth beats those quiet  moments when it’s just us...... Read more