Thanksgiving 2013 MEMORIES:This is what it’s all about. Doing what you can do, while you can and doing as much as you live day to day. This is so important to find a way to be grateful in EVERYDAY not just on holidays. FAMILY: I’m thankful. we had our niece and nephew come down for...... Read more

Sweet Memories of Granny Lou

Every year around this time I get a little teary. My Granny left this side of the earth on 11/17/2007. Sigh This morning woke up with her in my mind. I remember her in different ways. My Granny was very special. Very firm (borderline mean) as a kid. But so loving, caring and understanding as... Read more

Get Out of the Bed

I’ve always had a hard time seeking God early in the morning. It’s just something about turning over and getting out to the bed going to my designated spot. It’s not the seeking it’s the initial getting OUT OF THE BED. It’s not even about praying or studying...... Read more