This morning I read the 4th Chapter of Ephesians in the Bible. I highlighted a few verses along the way but these three words in verse 32 jumped right out to me.




I wonder what would happen if we all practiced these things daily, in EVERY situation with ALL people.  I think I’ll start today. I will be more intentional to offer forgiveness especially in the tough times. I know God will soften my heart so I can be kind. They will all work in tandem, creating the desired result of pleasing God and loving God’s people.

Will you join me? Will you put you aside and prefer the other in a deeply personal way? I think it’s worth it and will produce more peace, love and joy right now.

It’s just how I see things, THROUGH GEWANDA’S EYES…

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  • Marie Fulton Posted March 22, 2014 9:47 am

    Yolanda and I was talking about that yesterday also about anger

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