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When I surveyed my scene yesterday sitting in a hospital waiting room watching many people young and old facing health challenges. I told God thank you and vowed to do my own body good.

When I put my little one down in her bed to sleep. Listened to her hum, saw her roll to a comfortable position and settle in. I told God Thank you and vowed to be the best mother I could.

When I went to the store, bought on clearance, used my discount card, exercised self discipline and spent less than my budget. I told God thank you and vowed to be a good steward over my finances. Make all I can. Save all I can. Give all I can.

When I talked to both of my siblings just because we’re keeping in touch. I told God thank you and vowed to continue to reach out, support, cultivate friendship and pray for them.

This week when I was able to spend quality time with God with no interruptions. Wash 3 loads of clothes. Keep my house clean and office organized. Communicate with parishioners. Feed my own baby. Complete my study for speaking. I told God thank you and vowed to continue to order my private world.

When I was able to hold a sensible conversation with someone who totally works my nerve without being mean, sarcastic and irritated. I told God thank you and vowed to walk in forgiveness refusing to fall into bitterness.

When I found out my husband arrived to his destination without any accident I told God thank you and vowed to keep lifting him up in prayer.

When I checked my BP and continue to witness the healing power of God I said thank you and vowed to eat right, move more and cooperate with the process.

I woke up happy because I’m choosing to be grateful, focus on the good and not the bad. Telling God thank you for the blessing he’s given me!