DAY 5: FREEDOM WALK: Destiny Stealers

I was driving this morning and these were the a few things I thought about that are inward hangups but have outward effects. TIMELINESS: I hate being late: I mean I hate it. The problem is as much as I hate being late, I’ve struggled with being timely all my life. I remember as a kid...... Read more

Day 4 FREEDOM WALK: Let the Tiger Out

Okay I’m guilty. In fact I’m very guilty. My husband just looked at me and got quiet. He said, ” You let the tiger out with a vengeance, you were roaring loudly”  I didn’t see anything wrong with addressing the situation and not allowing others to take advantage of...... Read more

Day 3 Freedom Walk: SUNSHINE

The sun was shining, it was beautiful.  I took the time to sit out in it and chat a bit. It felt good to be in the wind allowing the cool breeze to rub my cheeks. The sunshine did something for me. I needed it. I’d missed it and didn’t know how much I longed... Read more