A few years back I started celebrating my birthday ALL MONTH long. I’ve gotten different responses o this concept. Some thought it was a cool idea and others thought I was self-absorbed and stuck on myself. I had my reasons which ARE legitimate TO ME. However, when I heard snide comments...... Read more


This morning I woke up with purpose on my mind. It was all in my dream. Successful people are successful because they are successful. Interesting concept if you go deeper to the meaning. We all measure success in different ways, and I’ve come to know success begets success. So what do I mean by...... Read more

I Believe Christmas Lives in Me

Christmas really did happen and the greatest gift changed my life. The first Christmas God gave His Son and today we can have eternal life through Him. 2000 years ago and the story still lives on. Blessings to all! The charge is to REMEMBER. I love you Jesus!... Read more