I got married….in the short 5 days I think I see the eyes watching through the words spoken. Here are a 5 comments with layers of meanings and much duplicity of a common thread. 1. Your wedding showed me hope that I don’t have to comprise myself. ANY LONGER. You are more than a...... Read more

Sweetness with Bitter Bites

In the wedding planning stages… Thank you in advance for those of you who have made in known of your attendance to our nuptials on Saturday. Looking so forward to seeing you. Thankful for those of you who shared why you really can’t make it. We understand and appreciate you...... Read more

Fake Friendship Exposed

Fake Friendships are real but I recently got a chance to see this in action. I must admit the scenario did more damage to the relationship than anything. I’ll outline it as NAME DROPPER and THE PERSON. What I see is that the people who DROP names are insecure of who the are. They ride... Read more

It’s Mother’s Day…*SIGH*

This is an ENCOURAGEMENT of HOPE and HEALING of all those who may be a similar situation as me. It’s TRANSPARENT because that’s where true authenticity and healing comes. Owning our lives as is without making excuses and pointing fingers but embracing it all. It’s public...... Read more