Living in Lies

I preach to my students honesty at ALL COST…. Talk a whole mini-lesson on truth, trust etc… By midyear, most of them have a good handle on truth-telling with me, although they know a lighter consequence may follow when they tell the truth. Today a student showed me a parent note...... Read more

Lord PLEASE help me die….

In self reflection I’m finding myself at times pleading to God to help me die. Living for God REQUIRES dying to self. I cannot have it MY way and live God’s way. My human passions, desires and unforged habits gravitate to pleasures of the natural sinful appetites. My sermon title...... Read more

Childhood / Hometown / College Friends

Nothing deep about this post.. Just observation and ramblings… Here goes. We remember our childhood friends HOW we excited them before we all grew up. Now 20 plus years later you can remember classroom chats, school programs, how they made you feel on the playground (if they chose you or...... Read more