We Need More Mothers!

In light of my recent post, Full of Lies. This morning I thought,  wouldn’t it be wonderful if every older women took a younger women under her wings and just TALKED to them. Titus 2:4 gives us these explicit instructions on how older women should train younger women. No strings attached, no...... Read more

Full of Lies

I may get nailed on this one but oh well….I want some feedback to help me understand some of what I don’t…..and why?? More so perplexed at the scheming…never had to deal with something like this on this scale….. There is a gentleman trying to gain my attention, what...... Read more


They are so sweet and impressionable…even when they get on your last nerves. Such sincere innocence, vulnerability, inquisitiveness and energy. I’m honored to serve God’s little seeds and nurture them into another state of development. Today my heart is tender! Hopefully it...... Read more