Digging Deeper!

People are blessings, don’t take them for granted. Vocations are Opportunities. Relationships take work and forgiveness. Time is a gift, you never will get a re-do for today. Talent carries responsiblity, be faithful. Closure is needed before you can truly move forward. Truth is sweeter...... Read more

Cancer is Defeated!!!

 Still Standing in Faith!!!! A few days ago, I found out the latest results of the situation with my mom and the cancer… To date the cells have decreased from over 4,000 to 700. She is functioning well…up and is looking forward to more life!!! Her report was so good that they gave...... Read more

Goodbye and Hello

I have an old friend who reentered my life after about 15 years, we both approached this season with the anticipation, glee and zeal of the last season we experienced. What I found is that a lot had changed in those years and you can’t build on something new if you don’t say good...... Read more


  I kept asking questions of things and situations I just couldn’t understand.. It really all involved a few personal situations with people I knew or had dealings with….  I pondered the matters over and over and over again… things did not add up or I just couldn’t put my...... Read more