It’s On It’s Way!!!!

It’s that moment when you realize you are on the brink to fulfilling some of your goals and dreams. I’m ready…… so ready…… The CD is coming….. sooner than we think. The engineer has assured us of it’s  soon release. My new Devotional Book is hot off the press, just...... Read more

Jesus Proved It

HE IS RISEN!!! I’m holding on to the resurrection power of God for my life. If God could bring a dead man back to life, surely God can bring life into dead situations. The RESURRECTION is a story of Hope for dead situations, death in life mortal beings, and pain in mere existences of...... Read more

Daily Pill

I need to take this Spiritual Vitamin daily. I REALLY can’t survive without it. Sometimes throughout the day when I feel myself getting weak I take double, triple nuggets as needed in small doses. It’s the best for all sin ailments, heart conditions, relationship pains, mind...... Read more


I got a chance to visit a long time friend today…. BROUGHT BACK SO MANY MEMORIES…. and it was like old times…..nothing had changed but we are a little older and I’m a bit chunkier…:) TAKE AWAY LESSONs 1. WHEN YOU FIND A FRIEND CHERISH THEM 2. MILES, TIME nor SPACE CAN ERASE REAL BONDS


I’m not stuck in something I can’t maneuver… I’m living beyond myself and allowing the transformation power of change to take it’s course. Today I did three new things and it really made me happy. I’ve been so focused on living that I’ve not fully and...... Read more