Tears of Rejection

Despondent baby elephant weeps for hours after mom gives birth, then attacks him at game preserve in China. I know this is rare but I think I cried a few hours myself after reading this article about baby weeping for five hours after it’s mother rejected him. I think my tears came from the...... Read more

Don’t Let down Your Standards

Probably 18-20 years ago a lady named Cathy Lechner prayed for me and sang a prophetic song over me…. It went like this… “THE BEST IS YET TO COME DON’T LET DOWN YOUR STANDARDS BE BOLD! BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND YOU’LL SEE WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU. THE MAN OF GOD TO COME...... Read more


I got married….in the short 5 days I think I see the eyes watching through the words spoken. Here are a 5 comments with layers of meanings and much duplicity of a common thread. 1. Your wedding showed me hope that I don’t have to comprise myself. ANY LONGER. You are more than a...... Read more


I became tired, frustrated, frail, stressed beyond imaginable lengths. I stopped myself long enough to take inventory. I realized I was withering away by situations and people who had THEMSELVES on the throne of both their lives and mine. They were smart living, I was stress living. This...... Read more

We Need More Mothers!

In light of my recent post, Full of Lies. This morning I thought,  wouldn’t it be wonderful if every older women took a younger women under her wings and just TALKED to them. Titus 2:4 gives us these explicit instructions on how older women should train younger women. No strings attached, no...... Read more