Make the people who come in contact with you feel better some kind of way. SMILE GIVE A COMPLIMENT OFFER ASSISTANCE CALL THEM BY NAME HOLD A CONVERSATION GIVE A TOUCH LISTEN Just DO SOMETHING NICE… You’ll see life through different lenses!!!... Read more

It Won’t Come Tomorrow

Living in today for the new space God has shown me in my tomorrows. It WILL take work and determination not just kneeling to pray. Yes…with God ALL THINGS are possible, but we have a part to play. I’m standing in faith, trusting and believing. Working everyday and putting things in...... Read more

Renaissance of Self

Never a copycat only an original! I began to live more authentically when I changed my focus and turned away from others and directed it toward me. Quite honestly, I thought I HAD to do this or that. Fit into one group or another to be considered successful or “IN THE KNOW” Hogwash...... Read more


I got married….in the short 5 days I think I see the eyes watching through the words spoken. Here are a 5 comments with layers of meanings and much duplicity of a common thread. 1. Your wedding showed me hope that I don’t have to comprise myself. ANY LONGER. You are more than a...... Read more