Week of FOCUS:

WEDNESDAY: What are your greatest distractions from reaching your goals. TUESDAY; DREAMS: What is your game plan to get there? MONDAY Dreams: Where do you see yourself in five years?... Read more

Full of Lies

I may get nailed on this one but oh well….I want some feedback to help me understand some of what I don’t…..and why?? More so perplexed at the scheming…never had to deal with something like this on this scale….. There is a gentleman trying to gain my attention, what...... Read more

I “Think”……

In light of all my other concerns. I just opened an email of a person wanting to start a church. It went something like this, “I believe, (I THINK) God wants me to start a church. I’m thinking of relocating. Don’t know where but maybe this is birth pains.” Can you help in...... Read more