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Happy New Year!

We’re 19 days into it and already it seems like it’s zooming by so quickly. We must really take the time to enjoy every moment of everyday and smell the flowers along the way. This year, let’s make it all count and do more for ourselves to move...

It Won’t Come Tomorrow

Living in today for the new space God has shown me in my tomorrows. It WILL take work and determination not just kneeling to pray. Yes…with God ALL THINGS are possible, but we have a part to play. I’m standing in faith, trusting and believing. Working...

It Shall Come

RELEASE yourself and be FREE to be who you were meant to be IF you can SEE it, BELIEVE it!! IT shall come to pass.

Everyday is Another Chance

DO what you were created to do. LIVE the life you only DREAM about Living! STRIVE to be the best at being YOU. Have FAITH in GOD!!

The Why Behind the What

Rather Simple: Why do you do ANYTHING you do? Unravel it a bit and you’ll see the hidden coals that fuel the flame of your doing, good or bad! It’s a Good Friday for a reason, although death, pain and torture seemingly is at the forefront of all the...