Listen to your Feet

Your heart, your muscles, your doctor. just start listening when the body is talking. We must TAKE care of the body so the body can take care of us! I’ve recently started listening to these squeaky knees, headaches, back pains etc… Been also paying attention to my love levels. The...... Read more


  I kept asking questions of things and situations I just couldn’t understand.. It really all involved a few personal situations with people I knew or had dealings with….  I pondered the matters over and over and over again… things did not add up or I just couldn’t put my...... Read more

I “Think”……

In light of all my other concerns. I just opened an email of a person wanting to start a church. It went something like this, “I believe, (I THINK) God wants me to start a church. I’m thinking of relocating. Don’t know where but maybe this is birth pains.” Can you help in...... Read more