Another One? Okay, Yes Sir.

Just got word one of the members in my old church went on to his eternal home. He was a very good guy. A highly intelligent man, retired professor and oratorical specialist of some sort. After one of my sermons, one Sunday he pulled me to the side and said, “I’m going to give you... Read more

Support For Me

So….. I have a few people who really believe in me….. And show it!!! Not just say it!! You know, it makes a big difference when you are on a mission for your life, destiny and purpose! Pondering’s: it’s vital for one to surround themselves with healthy people who will...... Read more

We Need More Mothers!

In light of my recent post, Full of Lies. This morning I thought,  wouldn’t it be wonderful if every older women took a younger women under her wings and just TALKED to them. Titus 2:4 gives us these explicit instructions on how older women should train younger women. No strings attached, no...... Read more