The FAST: May not be a popular one but….. You know I believe in fasting and prayer. I live this way. I noticed it has become increasingly popular to fast in particular seasons. Then to publicize the fast. When clearly fasting is a private discipline. I love the teaching Jentzen Franklin...... Read more

The Why Behind the What

Rather Simple: Why do you do ANYTHING you do? Unravel it a bit and you’ll see the hidden coals that fuel the flame of your doing, good or bad! It’s a Good Friday for a reason, although death, pain and torture seemingly is at the forefront of all the activities of the day; unravel...... Read more

I Need To Do This

Not my will but yours… One Sunday morning the sign flashed, they needed a nursery worker for the kids. I sat there. Working with little screaming babies, changing pampers, walking around listening to gibberish was not the way I visioned my Sunday morning activities. However, I jumped up...... Read more