Lord PLEASE help me die….

In self reflection I’m finding myself at times pleading to God to help me die. Living for God REQUIRES dying to self. I cannot have it MY way and live God’s way. My human passions, desires and unforged habits gravitate to pleasures of the natural sinful appetites. My sermon title...... Read more


TWO DAYS INTO THE SECOND MONTH… Time really is not slowing down these days. I’m realizing more and more we must take advantage of each and every opportunity that comes our way. I’m so blessed today, just to be ALIVE!!! I have health, I have a good mind, I have a wonderful...... Read more


COMINIG OUT OF MY SHADOW I heard a message this morn… it was right in line with what I knew God had been speaking to me. For MUCH TOO LONG,  I’d let down my guards down in a few instances, accepted a few things I shouldn’t have and even entertained a bit of nonsense that in... Read more

I Need To Do This

Not my will but yours… One Sunday morning the sign flashed, they needed a nursery worker for the kids. I sat there. Working with little screaming babies, changing pampers, walking around listening to gibberish was not the way I visioned my Sunday morning activities. However, I jumped up...... Read more