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Yesterday situation happened and I actually talked about it with another person in relations to another’s bad conduct. Yes, I gave my opinion: not good, because the bible says we should not judge. Although it was just a remark in a brief recollection of the events I found myself pondering this person’s behavior later that evening.

I’m a deep thinker, sometimes to my hurt because I tend to pick things apart much more than what I want to give time to. So  hours later, here I was picking this scenario to pieces and searching myself in the tailspin of events.

This is my Lessons I will try hard to carry out the next time something similar happens.

Take some time to UNDERSTAND, at least try to understand; before jumping to the conclusions and passing judgment on the person.

Do not hold everyone to the SAME STANDARD, because each person is different.

LOVE beyond your own feelings because this is exactly what the other person needs.

TAKE TIME to focus on the entire situation and not the isolated event.


RELEASE IT QUICKLY, or you will find yourself on guard and passing judgment before anything  new happens.

Sooner or later they will come back, so DON’T THROW STONES!

“Lord, help me to remove the log from my eye frist before I try to remove a little stick from someone else.”

Going Inward!