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I may get nailed on this one but oh well….I want some feedback to help me understand some of what I don’t…..and why?? More so perplexed at the scheming…never had to deal with something like this on this scale…..

There is a gentleman trying to gain my attention, what he doesn’t fully realize is that I’m very much aware of his secret life of womanizing…it just dropped in my lap a myriad of things surrounding him. (I really think it was God’s intervention, God taking care of His girl)

So…. what does a person do???

Act dumb and watch him play his game????

Call his bluff????

Go along with this to see how long he will keep up the pretending like I’m the ONLY ONE????


Why must a person play games if you have wrong motives?

What’s the point????

What is he really after or in hot pursuit for….and why all in the name of love????

And to top it all off, he wears a clergy title ????  What about the fear of God?????


I’m just a little baffled of why; more so than the nature of the beast in action….

I’m out of it all….but just pondering the reason for so much deception????






 If you have an answer, insight or a comment….I’m all ears….chime in

STILL loving  this Journey….