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The Hymn, GOD BE WITH YOU, was written from the concept that we glibly greet each other with no heartfelt connection. Upon exiting we again state salutations out of habit with no thought to it and live as if we are sure to see the other again. Many who have been casualties of the unexpected often live with regret and guilt.

I should have….
I could have done this better…
I needed to do …..
(you get the picture)

The writer suggests we should intentionally express ourselves in those moments.
~Take Care of yourself.
~Be careful.
However we must also practice better ways in the now how we treat others.

~Do it well, ~appreciate, ~apologize~,love deeply, ~make amends, ~reach out…

TOUCH that life while you have a TODAY. If you don’t, you just may regret it tomorrow.

Love to all my friends, family and foes, because you each touch me uniquely!