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I got married….in the short 5 days I think I see the eyes watching through the words spoken.

Here are a 5 comments with layers of meanings and much duplicity of a common thread.

1. Your wedding showed me hope that I don’t have to comprise myself. ANY LONGER. You are more than a pretty face yet you have demonstrated true WOMANHOOD!

2. You stayed with God and now we see the reward. PRICELESS and I’m speechless.

3. I never quite understood all your counsel but I saw ALL OF IT in and through your wedding ceremony. I’m going to stop shacking with my boyfriend and be a queen. THE QUEEN YOU KEPT TELLING ME TO BE.

4. You walked this lonely road of singleness with so much dignity, thank you for your example, THANK YOU SO MUCH for standing ALONE. I can NOW hold on till the right one comes along. You proved it and set a new standard.

5. You defied ALL ODDS with your choice IN marriage. You showed us all something very different with a twist of acceptance.

So what do I say to this…..

Trust God~
Trust your Gut~
Stay true to your convictions~
The inward life is MORE IMPORTANT than the outward visualization.
Run your business based on what’s best for you. But you must FIRST KNOW YOUrself!

Through my eyes…. Yet seeing much deeper!