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My little infant heartthrob has been extremely sick this week. We’re 4 days into 10 days of antibiotics and checking temps every 4-6 hours. Then to add on teething pain is a bit much for my sweetness.

As a mother she cries loudly but I cry silently with masked smiles to comfort her as much as I can. During our 4am temperature check, she whined a little half crying and fussing in her sleepy state.

Without saying a word I begin to gently kiss her. With one hand grasping my finger and the other clutching her lovey (stuffed animal) she let her eyelids methodically drift opening and closing.

I kissed her forehead, I kissed her nose. When eyes opened I kissed her eyelids, then her  cheeks. Round and round we repeated this scene until she could no longer open her eyes again. Exhale for me, relief for her, I had kissed my baby into a deep sleep.

No words, no hums just love in action nurtureing to soothe her pain and calm her spirit. I learned this morning that sometimes we need not say one word at all. Simply love and our love will take on action that fits the need perfectly.

Such POWER in pure, unedited, raw, unsolicited, genuine and WORDLESS  LOVE!