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Gross topic. Not really. Our natural body functions keep us healthy. It’s when we’re out of sync that problems arise. Constipated.

This title gives you a visual I hope and breaks it down without alot of  explaining.

Well it’s 2:15am, the time I would love to snore. I’m mean, really, in this season snoring is something I covet.

Tonight a headache awaken me. So splitting I went to check my blood pressure. Nearly perfect 120/71. Yes. Hadn’t seen those numbers in a while. Thank God. Relieved and happy.

Hunger. I opted for a plum instead of chips. Then a few glasses of spring water. Almost nervous to drink that after discovering translucent animals in bottled water.

Checked on my baby girl. She was sound asleep in her room. A mother’s joy and longing. Wanted to pick her up and bring her to my room. It’s so easy to love a child.

Love. That’s it. Yes. Love. I need love I thought the kind that makes you smile inside. I examined all relationships. Truly I am loved deeply, intensely by a handful couple 3. How am I living into that though? CONSTIPATED

YEP. I’m blocking up some valves with my own idiosyncrasies, expectations dreams, desires and hurts.

Hate: Yep. That’s it too. I’m hating a few real situations in my life I don’t know if I have the strength to fight. I wish I was  Samantha from The show, Bewitched and could just blink things, people, systems and deadlines away. CONSTIPATED.

Fear: Yep. Just a little. So much is at state with my life. Over the next few months the decisions I have to make can change life FOREVER. CONSTIPATED

JOY: Yep. God just blessed my socks off two nights ago. But I’ve learned  the hard way. Not everyone will rejoice with you so you have to keep some things to yourself. But it really would be nice to share. CONSTIPATED!

Future: I want Oprah’s freedom to live without monetary constraints. Things I want to offer my daughter. Experiences I want her to have. Still things I’d like to do and I wonder will we see it in my lifetime. CONSTIPATED


So why use constipation as an analogy? Well, with each emotion the freedom of expression is blocked. These emotions are REAL and very much ALIVE. but I can’t fully express and live into them completely. Just one would help to bring relief .

For now I’m going to tackle the snore to see if that at least will help me… Sleep may literally begin the recalibration of emotional expression and complete release.