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Follow Your Dreams

Two examples I see the proof of FOLLOWING DREAMS. @Oprah & @Tylerperry. One I’m able to touch @TonyGaskins. I know there is HOPE for me.

I’m Coming Out….

SINGING..I’m coming out! Want the world to know, Got to let it SHOW..There’s a NEW Me coming OUT & I just want to LIVE completely positive. Who Remembers Diana Ross and this??? Time to revisit childhood dreams MAKE adult REALITIES!

Everyday is Another Chance

DO what you were created to do. LIVE the life you only DREAM about Living! STRIVE to be the best at being YOU. Have FAITH in GOD!!


When you are truly CONFIDENT person, you won’t be moved by other people’s opinions. ~ Joyce Meyer~ I agree and am FREE TO LIVE MY LIFE undetermined by other folks thoughts, opinions and suggestions. God speaks clearly to my soul and guides through HIS...


just. . . RELAX . . .in your OWN skin