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What is Life Box? Life Box is your virtual treasure box of affirmations, thoughts, and tips to enhance every aspect of your life. Visit Life Box when you want to be uplifted, when you want to think, and when you want to laugh. Life Box is here to make your educate, inspire, and empower you.

February 4, 2010


Gewanda J.Parker Comments are off
i have a good friend, diagnosed two years ago with cancer. Every few months we get an update on the status of
Discomfort, Healing, Hope, Sickness

February 3, 2010

Making the Time

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I realized I need to have about 30 minutes to myself midmorning and mid afternoon. This is in addition to
Listening, Peace, Time

February 2, 2010


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Last Saturday I freaked out on a few people. All of whom I love very deeply…instead of my just coming out
Apology, Courage, Relationships

February 1, 2010

Passing Judgement:

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Yesterday situation happened and I actually talked about it with another person in relations to another’s bad conduct. Yes, I gave my
Mercy, Passing Judgment, Relationships  

January 27, 2010

PEACE from Within

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I have/had spent a number of my days searching for peace. I kept coming up short. I realized as I
Courage, Peace

December 30, 2009

My Journey began…

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I was dying inside. I had to escape inward to find out what was happening. There was a foul smell seeping
Courage, Death

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